Antonio Franceschetti


  The artist is a great observer of nature in its details and expressions of light and color, of landscape and marine sights, in particular. 

Nellie Lou Slagle


Nellie Lou Slagle

Carmen Lecanda Garamendi

Carmen-Lecanda - Arbol - 35x57

Steve Gluz

Out of the Furnace 36x40

Steve Gluz

Partricia L. Patterson

Three Red Pears 24x36

Partricia L. Patterson

Son House

Atlanti Avenue I  36"x36"

  Current & Past Works

David Shipley

New Untitled

New David Shipley.

June M. Miller

Madonna Series 9979 - 36x24

June M. Miller

Secondary Market

Prospere Pierre Louis

Various pieces from secondary market Artists.

Slava Tch

The River's Light

Slava Tch The "classic" or "basic" encaustic method is very old, traditionally taking its roots in Europe and therefore is a very complicated and difficult ...