Steve Gluz

Steve Gluz - 24x36 - Untitled

Steve Gluz

Patrick Ruane

Patrick Ruane - 40x72 - Untitled

Patrick RuaneĀ 

Ben Matthews

7085 Ben Mathews 70x55 Painting

David Shipley

New Untitled

New David Shipley.

Norman Brown


Norman Brown's colorful work

Son House

NEW Son House - Tuscarora

  Current & Past Works

David DiPietro

David DiPietro

Secondary Market

Prospere Pierre Louis

Various pieces from secondary market Artists.

Slava Tch

The Rivers Light

Slava Tch The "classic" or "basic" encaustic method is very old, traditionally taking its roots in Europe and therefore is a very complicated and difficult ...

Carmen Lecanda Garamendi